The Portland Bureau of Transportation asked us to help them get Portland drivers to slow down. Our solution was to show how a car crash is really the collision of two lives.


BPN has been a dream consultant. Starting as our ad agency to develop Portland’s first Vision Zero education campaign, their team quickly became a key partner in advancing Portland’s mission for safe streets. Taking the weighty task at hand – to develop a campaign that conveys to Portland drivers the serious impact of car speeds on human life – the BPN team dived into the project and far surpassed our hopes for the campaign. The team explored a diversity of campaign concepts, pulling them apart and recreating concepts based on client and focus group feedback. They gave attention to the smallest details that weren’t necessarily noticeable in isolation but together created the crisp, provocative Struck campaign. The team at BPN is creative, responsive, detail-oriented and totally fun!
— Clay Veka, Vision Zero, Project Manager