Oregon Lottery. It does good things.
The Oregon Lottery was born in 1985 with a simple mission: Provide funding for the things Oregonians value most. Things like education. Our spectacular natural environment. And economic development – especially given the state’s economic downturn in the post-timber-economy 1980’s. The citizens of Oregon voted the Lottery in precisely to provide these works of public good, but over the years that citizenry has grown and changed in innumerable ways. So not everyone recalls, or even knew in the first place, what the Lottery was established to do. It’s our job to inform them. Remind them. And hopefully touch an emotional chord with them along the way. How are we doing? At last check, the Lottery’s approval rating had risen to 68% favorability on our watch. And the work just keeps getting better.
30th Anniversary
Education - Tom
Education - Erika
Education - Amanda
Cottonwood Canyon
BPN understands the heart and soul of our brand and works diligently to bring it to life every day. Their award-winning creative work has kept the Lottery in excellent standing with the citizens of Oregon, and their expertise in media planning and buying ensures that our messages reach the right audience at the right time.
Mark Strickler

Senior Marketing Communications Manager, Oregon Lottery