K&N. Pedal down. Pulse up.
If you’re into cars — and by cars we mean the kind you crawl under, obsess over, spend every extra cent on — you know: K&N is the real deal. An indelible motorsports brand with racing in its blood. Despite this, K&N had spent the better part of its existence promoting its high-performance products in highly rational engineering-speak, never really connecting with the heart-pumping emotional payoff those products delivered. The all-new multi-media campaign we designed for K&N relaunched the brand, driving those adrenaline-fueled emotional benefits to the forefront while showcasing key products. Is it working? Undeniably. Just eight weeks after launching, K&N’s brand perception had already risen 15% and marketing ROI had increased nearly 40%.
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Passing Lane
Trigger Foot
Fast Car Smell
Pedal Down. Pulse up.