BPN’s Top 10 – February 3rd, 2017


The Super Bowl Edition: Preparing You For Advertising’s Big Day!


For a brief rundown, here is the list of Super Bowl ads you won’t want to miss this weekend. We are looking forward to hearing the discussions and opinions that come from each.



Word around town is Budweiser and their Super Bowl spot have taken the spotlight and will be the most talked about ad during the game, once again. Following …

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BPN’s Top 10 – January 27th, 2017


Snapchat Meets Nielsen Data, Snickers Creates A Video Game, and Tostitos Says Not To Drink and Drive


This week, Snapchat announced they will be working with Nielsen’s mobile Digital Ad Ratings unit, which will allow brands to target specific ages and genders on the extremely popular platform. This is a major game changer for brands looking to break into Snapchat.



Newsletters have seen a spike in popularity over the past year; …

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BPN’s Top 10 – January 20th, 2017


Coughing Billboards, Reaching Everest’s Summit, and Uniting a Divided Country


We’ve mentioned the drastic consequences the E. coli outbreak had on Chipotle’s brand last year and have speculated what they will do to reposition themselves in the healthy fast food market. Now, we are seeing steps forward as Chipotle picks new creative and media agencies. It will be interesting to see the new work.



In an effort to bring about awareness …

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BPN’s Top 10 – December 23rd, 2016


Super Bowl Commercial Preparation, Nationwide Bachelor Watch Party, and RIP Meerkat


With this year drawing to a close, we now look ahead to 2017 and the six digital trends that will redefine interaction between consumers and brands. Majority of these trends are nothing new, but the continued evolution of modern marketing.



Krazy Glue really took the lyric “toys on the Christmas tree” to the extreme this year. To show off the …

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BPN’s Top 10 – December 16th, 2016


Remembering PC & Mac, Serving Up Some Sick Beats, and Gran Gran The Lyft Driver


FourSquare is a location-based app that quickly gained and lost popularity in the early 2010s; however, thanks to smartphones being a constant pocket-sized GPS providing location data in real time, FourSquare is asking “who’s laughing now?” as this data is in high demand today.



By using the backward and forward touch points Instagram introduced when they …

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BPN’s Top 10 – December 9th, 2016


Under Armour’s MLB Exclusive, A Creative’s Christmas List, and BK’s Holiday Sweaters


In their latest ad, Philippines-based telecommunications company Globe Telecom speaks volumes without saying a word. In a partnership with the soon to be released Star Wars: Rogue One, they tell a story that at the start seems simple but will have your heart melting by the end.



Baseball was big this year thanks to all of the excitement in …

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BPN’s Top 10 – December 2nd, 2016


The State of the Industry, Spotify’s Data-driven OOH, and RIP Cyber Monday


Take a minute and read The State of the Industry, a RhythmOne and Digiday collaboration. This report gives you some insight into where the ad industry is headed in term of programmatic buying, display, native, video, and brand safety.



Researchers are saying the big e-commerce shopping day, Cyber Monday, may be doomed. But everyone shops online nowadays, right? Exactly. …

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BPN’s Top 10 – November 18th, 2016


Grandma’s WiFi Paradise, Sweet Nutella Content, and The Sriracha Lexus


In order to stay competitive in the fast food market, McDonald’s will begin providing table service at all of their locations. It is an interesting development after Mickey Ds ended their decades-long relationship with their agency of record this past summer. Should we be expecting more changes in the future from the burger mogul?



For some, the upcoming holidays mean limited …

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BPN’s Top 10 – November 4th, 2016


The Cubs Win, the Starbucks Green Unity Cup, and the Krispy Kreme Effect


Wednesday night, the Chicago Cubs won the World Series after 108 years. Immediately after the win, brands flocked to celebrate the victory. Here are some of the best congratulation messages from various brands to the Cubs.



If you watched the historic game this week, you probably saw that Budweiser revived this old ad as a tribute to Chicago’s …

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BPN’s Top 10 – October 28th, 2016


TWC and AT&T Merger, Baloney Sandwiches, and a WD40 Halloween


The big news of the week was the $85.4 billion merger between Time Warner Cable and AT&T. This merger will produce a great amount of data that has marketers drooling because it promises major insights into cross-device advertising.



Halloween is the only time of year you want your door to creak and WD40 can unexpectedly help you out with that. WD40’s …

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